Ntpdate no servers can be used exiting Nyborg

Date: 2017-03-01 03:24

.and tried using the ntpd daemon instead of the ntpdate utility. It won't sync my time either the daemon starts fine, but my clock remains off. I even tried using the exact /etc/ from the accepted answer in the latter post, and restarting the daemon. No go. Anyway, I don't want to use the daemon. I am perfectly aware that ntpdate is considered "deprecated", and it is advised to use ntpd -q instead. Also see here:

[SOLVED] ntpdate - No Servers

I would contact your ISP and ask if they are blocking external ntp requests and if they have a local server that you can use for time sync.

Time Synchronisation with NTP - Ubuntu

The simple truth is that you cannot run ntpdate and ntpd on the same computer without a port collision - ntpd listens on UDP 678, and ntpdate sends from UDP 678.

-[SOLVED] ntp - no servers can be used

For #7 wait until the asterisk goes beside your PDC emulator or the time source you have specified. It may not be right away and I've had it take a while.

Your hosting provider is blocking ntp packets. This heavy handed approach has been implemented by some ISPs in response to the DDoS attacks. You can see that ntpdate is sending the packets fron the ntpdate -vd :

No matter whether an NTP server HOSTNAME figures in /etc/ , and no matter whether the ntpd service is running or not, whenever I run sudo ntpdate -u HOSTNAME , I get no server suitable for synchronization found. Same thing when the ntpd service is not running and I omit the -u option. When the ntpd service is running and I omit the -u option, I instead get the NTP socket is in use, exiting.

If you can be more specific about your goals and want to post the results of 'ntpq -p' command as well as your file, we'll be in a better postion to help you.

I'm trying to configure NTP on my machine but it seems that the parameters I set are not being read by the system. Below is my /etc/ file. (I applied the most basic configuration to eliminate other issues)

There are a couple more obscure possibilities but it is tough to rule them out since you have not posted any logs from syslog.

UPDATE It seems that the target server is reachable but it is not synchronized. I know that if the synchronization is successful, then "*" should appear near the server name:

Ntpdate no servers can be used exiting Nyborg : Pics. More pics: Ntpdate no servers can be used exiting Nyborg.