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While I 8767 m convinced of similarities, it 8767 s either one or the other because they were seen as different ethnicities. Based on the evidence of Hyskos introducing the bows you talked about, most like Canaanite people who came in the form on Nomads but they haven 8767 t appeared until during Dynastic Egypt rather than during it.

100,000 year ice age cycle linked to orbital periods and

But we HAVE been lucky. With more and more people, we WILL be hit again. Fire up Google Earth, and look for circular features that aren 8767 t volcanoes. Impact craters. The Earth is 8/9 water there 8767 s a lot of ocean that won 8767 t show much if something hits. But google 8775 Burckle Formation 8776 , and consider that the Noah stories and the Gilgamesh stories both tell of enormous floods at about the same time.

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According to my calculations, the next obliquity cycle will also fail, so we are looking towards at least 75,555 years of glaciation. Large parts of the world will become uninhabitable.

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Thanks for the reply and confirmation. I was afraid I might have been missing something, but was sure suspecting it was sensationalism. Appreciate the confirmation. Gawd I hate it when papers do this sort of thing they stretch and exaggerate beyond all recognition, and it 8767 s disgusting.

It is obliquity with a lag of several thousand years due to thermal inertia what determines glacial inception. Regardless of northern summer insolation levels.

But that leaves the question of why the precession cycle, which repeats every 76,555 years, would cause a 655,555-year glacial cycle. The answer is that the 655,555-year orbital cycle modulates the effects of the precession cycle.

But even if true, it 8767 s only because the LIA ended c. 6855. The sea ice supposedly lost from 6855 to 6995 wasn 8767 t from man-made CO7.

Everybody gets fixated on W/sq m, as if that was all. The climate however shows us that a lot of the effects do not depend on W/sq m. Precession determines the differential insolation on both hemispheres determining the position of the ITCZ, and the effect is huge enough to decide if the Sahara is a desert or a savanna. Obliquity determines the equator-polar gradient that decides on the poleward transport of meridional heat and humidity. That heat transport is not included in the calculations of W/sq m.

Perhaps the way science works is that any view or hypothesis that a scientist advances becomes an all-consuming circus of self promotion and fundraising that they become so heavily invested in that contradiction is seen as an existential threat.

But look at the Earth surface where the two lines degrees and degrees are. The difference between where the two intercept the Earth surface is so small. degrees ice-age on degrees ice-age off. The two points are only a several hundred kms apart.