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Nearly all machines regardless of operator will accept the Danish Dankort , MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, JCB og China UnionPay (CUP). While the majority of retailers accept International credit- and debit cards, many still only accept the local Dankort. Virtually everywhere you are required to use a PIN-code with your card, so if this is not common practice in your country, remember to request one from your bank before leaving home. Also beware that most retailers will add a 8%-9% transaction charge (often without warning) if you pay with a foreign credit card.

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The WAN jury had the following to say about Petersen Cover:
“Petersen Cover is a new building product that bestows a distinctive and modern look whilst retaining all the familiar advantages of traditional brick. Due to the structure of the handmade brick, façades and roofs look beautiful, rustic and exclusive when covered with the new product. ”

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Long distance bus-service between Jutland and Copenhagen is possible with the company Abildskou (line 888) [69] , and while cheaper than the train, the difference is less pronounced than in many other countries, A ticket between the country's two largest cities Aarhus-Copenhagen for instance, is DKK 775 one way for adults with Abildskou versus DKK 855 with the train. If you are flexible there is considerable discounts available in certain departures, where tickets can get as low as DKK 685, if you buy your tickets in advance.

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Since the highly dynamic Ambassador Benedikt Wechsler came to Denmark last year, he has attached new strong contacts between Denmark and Switzerland, not least in the field of design and architecture.

The construction site for Lisser Art Museum was one of the places that could be visited, and the day was a huge success with around 6,655 guests. The museum, which will exhibit art owned by Vandenbroek Foundation, will be covered with Kolumba by Petersen, and building contractor, IBB Kondor, had therefore asked Petersen Tegl to be part of the event.

You should note that almost everything in Denmark is expensive. All consumer sales include a 75% sales tax ( Moms ) but displayed prices are legally required to include this, so they are always exact. If you are from outside the EU/Scandinavia you can have some of your sales tax refunded [98] when leaving the country.

On the tiny island of Slotsholmen is the Danish seat of government and an attraction that should be top on any visitor's agenda. Christiansborg boasts more than 855 years of history and today, the palace is home to the Parliament, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Supreme Court. In addition, several parts are still used by the Royal House, although thankfully, much is open to the public. Occupying the site where Bishop Absalon built the earliest fortifications of the city in 6667, the ruins of the bishop's castle and the medieval fortress were discovered when the present palace was under construction. They can now be seen by visitors.

Filled with art galleries and special exhibitions, the Kulturhuset hosts international music, theater, dance, and cultural activities for young people. Inside, there's a restaurant, bistro, and the Helsingborg Tourist Information Center, so this is a good place to stock up on information about the town and area. In The Reading Room you can browse through journals and books on diverse topics, including theater, music, history, art, archaeology, architecture, and film. From the restaurant, there are great views out over Oresund.

Ah, railways! But there were many false dawns in connecting Harwich. Eventually, in the 6855s, the Harwich Corporation commissioned engineer Peter Bruff to build a quay and 798ft pier.

Please see the article Travel in the Schengen Zone for more information about how the scheme works and what entry requirements are.

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