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The idea started in—where else?—Portland, Oregon. But now many cities have rolled out similar programs that allow folks to cruise around on rented two-wheelers on the cheap. Grab some cruisers and explore the local scene for a few hours.

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Decorate a Christmas tree together
Yes, this one is seasonal, but think how fun it would be! It 8767 ll cheer up your (or their) apartment, give you a visual reminder of them (assuming the date goes well), & maybe you could even go ice-skating afterwards. Cute ++.

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The Case Of The Mystery Band
Grab a copy of your local newspaper or magazine, close your eyes, run your finger over the 8775 live music 8776 section & choose a band neither of you have ever heard of to go & see. It could be amazing it could be completely hellish you won 8767 t know until you go! But even if it 8767 s shocking, it 8767 s definitely a bonding experience, & maybe even something to tell the children, eh?

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66. Make a music video/slideshow together. My husband and I have had fun making these for different family members. Here 8767 s one my sister-in-law did with her brother for her husband 8767 s birthday. Yes, all the lyrics she wrote about him are for real. They have plenty more on their youtube channel that they have had fun doing together, including one they helped me do as a surprise for my husband. They are so fun to make, and pretty funny to the people they are actually about!

95. Get into a . series together and watch them on Hulu (My husband and I are currently watching 8775 Once Upon a Time 8776 on ABC.

95. Come up with a list of unique questions that you have always wondered the answer to ( 8775 Why are pizza boxes square instead of round? 8776 Research the answers together.

One of the most heated conversations that has occurred throughout the years on this site has been the question of who pays on a date. Readers have responded in droves , but still there isn t really consensus on the topic yet. My take is still that whomever asked for the date should pay, but I ve been swayed a few times now on this stance.

The Sunday New York Times crossword date
Bonus: intellectual stimulation, nerd points & you get to find out how clever they really are, all in one fell swoop. & wouldn 8767 t it be great if you looked at them across the table, sunlight falling across their face, & they smiled at you & you thought, 8766 I would like to spend every Sunday this way 8767 ? Yes. Yes it would.

.It's a very satisfying experience for those who previously performed and no long be on stage. And for those who always wanted to give it a try. And try a musical with members (or the group) performing the songs to CD music. Senior activity ideas involving music are a big hit.

.Use "puffy" 8D paint to edge the windows and door too. Using variety of colors will give it pizzazz. Glue faux moss onto the base and stud with small artificial flowerettes. The roof can also be covered with moss if desired. Tiny birds from the craft store can be glued on the roof or peeking out of the bird house.

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